Nestlé Waters consultant reports

Dear Editor,

Please find attached to this email copies of consultant documents for the Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. 1041 Permit application.

These include:

These documents are self explanatory and shed a good deal of additional light that I think the public would like very much to see.

Thank you,
John Graham

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2 Responses to “Nestlé Waters consultant reports”

  1. Laura Bussing

    Thanks John for getting these reports that show evidence that the Commissioners should not approve Nestle's 1041 application. The reports cast alot of doubt on the statements made by Nestle in their 1041. Good ammo!

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  2. Admin

    We're grateful to John for rounding up these reports and forwarding them to us.

    We've collected these and other consultant reports on our Nestlé crib sheet, which provides a summary of the issue and links to relevant articles and documents.

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