Nestlé on the prowl

Dear Editor,

Why did Nestle come to Chaffee County first? I think it was not just for the water. I think Nestle wanted a small rural community with very limited resources to address their first 1041 permit application in the state. Nestle’s stated intentions are to satisfy their market in the Rocky Mountain region. Bruce Lauerman, at the Board of Commissioners meeting in Buena Vista last Tuesday April 21, spoke of looking for additional spring sites throughout the state, with the help of the State’s Engineer’s Office. By setting a precedent with this first application approval, it will make it more difficult to deny the next permit in the next county.

I feel this is just the beginning of NWNA’s extended efforts to develop industrial water extraction projects statewide. This project has been presented as small and benign. NWNA is a subsidiary of the Nestle Corporation, a foreign company. Swiss owned, it has been engaged in monopolization of water resources globally. I am concerned about the long term implications of Nestle engaging in “Buy and Dry” land purchases and/or other spring site developments, when it is yet to be established if the State of Colorado has capacity to support industrial extraction of water for profit. This is the first project of its kind in Colorado, and a responsible approach would be to place a moratorium on projects of this kind until the issue can be studied, and determined if this type of enterprise is appropriate for our state. In this case, the concept is being hurried, without asking or answering important questions.

There will be a public hearing by the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners on Wedneday, April 29, in Salida. A decision could be made on that day. I strongly urge everyone in the valley to attend.

There may be alternative energies in the future, but there is no alternative water.

Thank you very much,
Jane Browning

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  1. Merrell Bergin

    Agreed - this is a statewide, precedent-setting issue. Front Range media should be all over this story - maybe with a few satellite TV trucks parked outside the April 29th hearing, our Commissioners will realize that this is exactly the kind of news coverage they don't want to have.

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