Just say no to Nestlé

As a former resident of Salida, I’ve been cheering on the local resistance to the Nestle plan to truck out water for their bottling enterprise.

Aside from the economic and environmental absurdity of the bottled water industry itself, and the dicey implications to the future control over such a vital regional resource, one only needs to explore the history of Nestle’s negative impact and relentless drain (no pun intended) on the communities it has encroached upon with it’s “good neighbor” nonsense.

I hope that the Chaffee County officials and citizens will visit the website of the Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation for a peek at the future waste of time, money and energy that will be required to challenge the mission creep of a corporate behemoth such as Nestle once they get a toehold in local resources and affairs.

It simply must always be remembered that multinational corporations exist to make profits through exploitative practices…a strategy that can only be thwarted by refusing to allow them into your backyard in the first place. They depend on (and expect to) ultimately win their way by exhausting the finances and “will” of communities that initially cave to their rhetoric of bringing some “promised” advantage to the local economy.

Are 13 (maybe) truck driving jobs linked to a shrinking market (Sales down globally: see “Communities Demand Bottling Giant Nestle Stop Undermining Local Control of Water” on alternet.org) a reasonable trade off for a future of financial and “brain” draining litigation to protect local water? Chaffee County has the extraordinary advantage of seeing the fate of those who fell before, who bought the introductory deal and now find themselves in an ongoing battle with the corporate political and “deep pocket” power Nestle wields.

I sincerely hope that Chaffee County spares itself from getting entrenched in such a grim scenario by simply saying “NO” to permits now, while it’s still a straightforward option. Thank you for your courage and resolve to reject the “carrot”!

Susan Soltysik
Moffat, CO

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