Slideshow: Good morning Salida

These images were shot over the course of an hour. There are no still images in this piece, this is all video. It was very still up there.

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28 Responses to “Slideshow: Good morning Salida”

  1. Scott McFarland

    Billy D you rock! I love your taste, your eye, and passion. Miss you and your awesome family.

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  2. Bill Donavan

    thanks Mr. Mick and everyone...lots of eyes on the Citizen recently, as the vid says, please help pass on the word. The calendar is especially cool these days.
    Take care of yourself over there Scott, if you want to write up anything comparing education systems, I'll post and circulate. thanks Salida -bd

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  3. Shannon Bevington

    Beautiful.....the bonfire footage was groovy too. I'll spread the word to the students, that there is bonfire footage here. Ya' know get the next generation looking at the Salida Citizen..wink-wink.

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  4. Lee Hunnicutt

    Nice work, Bill. Great eye.Thanks for helping me share the glory of our wonderful valley with my friends back in Charleston.

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  5. Penny Kitson

    Awesome footage, Bill. The bonfire was great coverage too. I'm going to show my students at school tomorrow in lab!

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  6. ptor

    Super dope Billy. Realizing we're due for a trip to sunny colorful colorado. made me wonder, is there an 'entrada,' colorado?

    thinking of you and your fam. enjoy the beautiful fall.


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  7. Marsha Sherry

    thanks for all you do to bring mindfulness...such beauty surrounds many blessings...and... challenges to sustainability.

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  8. Barbara Van Wyck

    Wow!! Just stumbled upon this, and makes me want to go for a walk.....beautiful :-) Thanks for all the work you are doing.....

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  9. Karen Lundberg

    What an amazing representation of our "Backyard!" We are sooo very lucky to live in such a wonderful location AND to have someone talented enough to express its beauty!! THANKS Bill!!!

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  10. J.L Castillo

    Wow. America the Beautiful at its best. Can't wait to vacation there this fall. Landscape is stunning.

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  11. Susie Shallers

    Left town about 2 weeks ago, and this piece made me cry. I love you, Salida!

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    • Jill Duncan

      Hi Suzie!! Awesome to see your comment here.

      LOVELY footage. What else is there to say...

      My home town. Missed the lighting of Xmas Mountain this year and totally bummed about it because it looks like this was a great year.


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  12. Rene Frazee

    SIGH! Man, that song captured my feelings exactly as I watched the slideshow. Beautiful. Can I come home now please??

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  13. Dave Armstrong

    As we approach 2011 hope this cocoon we live in will open and release some butterflys. Need more inside out than outside in.

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  14. Dave Parker

    GOOD MORNING SALIDA! what a great show. makes me wish I was fishing on the Arkansas River. Thank you.

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  15. Mike Delcavo

    Great nice back there! Miss it so much.

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  16. victor crocco

    wow would like to attach some moody Blues music to that beautiful piece

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