Roller Derby

Will someone post a comment and some information about the new local roller derby team? (We got this image from a calendar for a Memphis team —I found it to be a very professional and informative calendar promoting the sport).

Thanks! -bdroller-derby-calendar11

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  1. Lisa Malde

    I know the first meeting to see how much interest there would be in starting a league is Sunday, February 21, 2010 4:30 - 6pm at Moonlight Pizza.

    Discussion topics include skating gear, time commitment to practice, skating locations, insurance, organizing the league, fund-raising and sponsorships.

    The movement has a Facebook page:

    And the meeting information can be found here:

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  2. Michelle Ludwig

    The idea for a local roller derby league came from those who want to play derby but don't want to drive to the Front Range to do so. Grassroots leagues are popping up like wildfire all over, and Durango now has league of their own. We need 10 - 20 women who want to actively skate and practice as well as a suitable flat surface to get started. Ideally the league will have two local teams who play each other, and if all goes well there's a possibility of playing the other Colorado leagues. This isn't WWF, or scripted derby, this real athleticism mixed with a good time!

    With the creation of a derby league we could help advocate and support a roller sports facility. It would be wonderful to strengthen our community with a skating rink for the young and young at heart! (We love ice rinks too!)

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  3. Michelle Ludwig

    What a fabulous community! On a cold, snowy Sunday 34 of Chaffee County's finest and toughest women packed Moonlight Pizza to hear more information in regards to roller skating, roller derby, and just how we can bring this idea to the area. Interest on all levels was extremely high and the wheels are officially spinning.
    We would like to formally introduce that the 'Ark Valley High Rollers' are here and cannot wait to show the community what we are made of! We are be looking for skaters, refs, a decent skating environment, sponsors, and ANYONE interested in being a part of the movement. Michelle Ludwig 719-221-2515

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  4. Lisa Malde

    I don't think that is the right link, you might try this one:

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  5. sara jensen

    What?!? I LOVE roller derby!

    Keep me posted. I'm interested!

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  6. Lisa Malde


    If you want more information check out the Facebook page:

    OR join our new Yahoo group:

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  7. Teaco

    Love the image of the girl in pink. I've just started taking photos of roller derby - would love to get shots like that.

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  8. Midtown Maulher

    This photo is of one of our original league members, Chica Bandita, it comes from a promotional calendar Memphis Roller Derby did in 2008 to raise funds for our travel team. Photo credits go to Todd Pearce, by the way.

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