To the Mountain Mail

Merle Baranczyk’s editorial in Friday’s Mountain Mail could have been more informative had he chosen to ask the School Board for the information regarding the Crest, Strawberry Door and Horizon’s programs prior to printing. His inference that the school board was withholding information is unfounded and disturbing for someone like myself, who has attended school related meetings, and researched the issues.

When the Salida School Board made their decisions regarding the alternative school programs they seriously weighed the long-term cost and educational advantages and disadvantages for keeping them a part of the district. These programs will need to be funded to a lesser degree next year and will be self-sustaining in the 2011-2012 school year. In the future, they are slated to bring in more money than their operating budgets. This information has been readily available, and presented in public meetings on several occasions.

Adding these programs to our district provides alternative educational opportunities to parents who might not otherwise have chosen the public school system.  They also make our district competitive with other school districts and reflect the progressive vision of a dedicated school board.

We all know that due, in large part, to a decrease in tax revenues, the State reduced school funding.

The Salida School Board has been tasked with a thankless, and very difficult job.  They approached it thoroughly and thoughtfully. The fact that they were able to keep our full-time teaching staff is a tremendous credit to the district’s mission and their concern for teachers and staff. The cuts that were made were those considered to have the least affect on our students’ educations. This is not the time to instigate mistrust, but rather, the time to rally around and support those who have to make these difficult decisions.

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7 Responses to “To the Mountain Mail”

  1. Susan J. Tweit

    Thanks, Laura, for standing up for the thoughtful and tough choices the Salida School Board has been making to improve the school district and look to the future when it would be easier to curl up under the desk and whine....

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  2. Jane Whitmer

    Thank you, Laura, for taking the time to so eloquently help Merle see the bigger picture. Well done, beautiful!

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  3. Valerie Sites

    Well said, Laura! Standing ovation! Thank you for being a positive voice and encouraging an attitude of gratitude in this community. I am glad you took the time to educate those who might have had inaccurate information.
    You're a fantastic writer...what's next?!

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  4. Bill Smith

    Laura -
    Thanks for this response. It appears to me that there are a number of conversations going on in town that are based more on emotion than fact. My experience has been that the Board and John have been very responsive to any and all questions I have raised with them. I am sure that had the paper asked the questions posed, they would have been answered.


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  5. Jennifer Orr

    Great response to Merle's editorial! Thank you for taking the time to point out that the information is available for those who are paying attention.

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  6. Hayden Mellsop

    I would like to add my voice to those who are supporting the School Board and District in these difficult times. I have full faith in their dedication and abilities. Their willingness to make short term sacrifices for long term benefit is a trait sadly lacking in some of our elected and community leaders.

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