Remembering our indigenous souls

Many whom I meet are seeking that which seems lost.  That intimate part of our soul that tells us that the world is out of balance within us and around us.  I call this missing piece our indigenous soul.  That part of our spirit that knows we perceive our relationship with the Mother Earth, Father Sky and all the elements in a disconnected way, like a mist filled prairie where vision is unclear.

Where do we turn to find our path to the Great Mystery to which we are secured?  We can find it through the teachings of the few remaining true indigenous elders from around the globe who have held this wisdom safely and powerfully through the ages.

Grandmother Walking Thunder, Dine´ Medicine Woman is one of these authentic elders.  She has studied with her elders since she was a child and has dedicated her life to healing in traditional ways.  After severe testing, including no food and water, she is imbued with their knowledge of plant medicine, sand painting traditions, prayer and ceremony.  Walking Thunder is one of the very few who travels victorious in carrying the blessings of her elders to share their wisdom.

In our experience with her, we have witnessed truly miraculous healing take place in members of our community.  When our spirit is in dis-ease, we become diseased. Through her use of herbal medicine, sacred songs and prayers, and the power of the eagle whistle, we have seen her immensity.

More than 75% of all pharmaceuticals came about through the knowledge of indigenous people.  We are living in a time of the greatest mass extinction the earth has ever seen.  More plants and animals become extinct each day than in the entire history of our planet.

Our indigenous brothers and sisters are coming forth from around the globe to offer their wisdom, which has been held secret for decades.  In working with Elders, Shamans and Medicine people from the Arctic Circle to New Zealand, we have discovered the tremendous synchronicities in their prophesies which are directing all of them to come forth at this time.  By creating a new paradigm from ancient knowledge, our hope for the planet will soar.  Most indigenous cultures have held the Earth sacred for millennium and their ways were of service, love and protection of all our relations.

Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation is offering an intimate day with her at Dancing Coyote Canyon, an hour NE of Salida on Saturday, October 9.
Dancing Coyote Canyon is on 40 acres of pristine land bordering the national forest with views of 11 Mile Reservoir.

Walking Thunder will also be available for private energy sessions Oct. 8-11.
Contact: or phone 719-966-2005.

Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of indigenous cultures, preservation of their territories and to public education regarding the rich wisdom they have to share.

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