Presentation Regarding Salida’s Deer Population

At the next city council meeting, a Department of Wildlife representative will present information about options the City has for dealing with the perceived problem. Join us on August 2nd at 6:30 P.M. in Council Chambers if this topic is of interest to you.

Calls regarding problems caused by our urban deer population have become increasingly common at City Hall. Some residents want to see the deer gone from city limits. Others love the deer and encourage them with food and water in their yards. Several communities has wrestled with this issue, which brings out strong opinions from residents. We encourage you to be informed about the issue.

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5 Responses to “Presentation Regarding Salida’s Deer Population”

  1. Suzy Patterson

    Hopefully the deer also will call a meeting to discuss options for dealing their very real "people" problem....

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  2. Steve Stucko

    The deer are only a problem for those that choose to think of them as a problem. Although I take a few simple steps to protect our vegetables, I feel lucky to live in a town with trees, birds and deer to enjoy.

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  3. Tom Price

    Sorry I missed this post in time to attend the meeting. Some how I don"t believe the Indians had this problem. These are wild animals not pets and should be treated as such. Feeding of any wild animal is against the law . The city deer are in a closed protected herd that sick and diseased animals survive and pass on these genetics in a inbred herd. Where there is an abundance of prey predators will follow. I believe there needs to be an mechanism in place to thin this herd to manageable levels for a healthy herd and happy citizens.

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  4. kam

    My concern for the deer is: the cars that drive so fast in town. Let us turn it into a bike and walk friendly place and get rid of the CARS.

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