Senator Schwartz asks PUC to support broadband expansion

DENVER— September 1, Senator Gail Schwartz (D-Snowmass) asked the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to join her efforts to improve broadband access and affordability for rural Coloradans. As technologies change, Colorado must keep up by upgrading the existing laws and rules. Senator Schwartz asked the Commission to redefine universal service to encompass broadband, assess the competitive landscape of Colorado’s carriers, and explore ways to increase access to existing networks.

Senator Schwartz made the following comments in her testimony before the PUC today:

“Traditional telephone and television networks have been re-purposed to deliver broadband services (i.e. DSL, Cable Modems).  However, going forward telephone and television service is simply becoming just another application that is delivered by broadband (i.e. VoIP, IPTV).

“Broadband service has evolved to become a utility of universal necessity.  This need is driven by advances in the applications and services that are delivered through broadband connectivity and the way that people now use them in business and conducting their daily lives.

“Policies should be considered that encourage universal access to the same levels of broadband service statewide and eliminate inequity of price and availability among regions with varying population density and economic capability.  Such approaches will ensure that future economic opportunity is available to everyone, everywhere throughout Colorado.”


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