Exploring Monarch’s One Planet / One Pass

The ski season is upon us and as we gear up to ride the steep and deep in our own backyard most of our minds are filled with excitement and anticipation. Not only are we filled with hope for a great season of epic dumps and good times on the hill, but we begin to feel the burn of adventure and the itching curiosity of all the possibilities the coming winter may hold. This year Monarch Mountain has done us no favors in easing our pain. No, they’ve only intensified the burn with the One Planet, One Pass.

The One Planet One Pass offers an array of deals from 26 resorts in the US, Germany and Austria. To celebrate this awesome pass I thought we’d go on a world tour and see what sort of deals a Monarch season pass holder can get at each resort. To do this I built a map. However, it’s more than a map – it’s an application that provides an interactive glimpse of all that the season pass holds. To explore the deals you can zoom in and pan around using the map (below) and click one of the map’s icons. You can also navigate the One Planet One Pass deals by selecting from the list of numbers below the deals. It’s meant to be fun way to explore the opportunity we have at our finger tips, and to provide some fun day dreaming material about all possible trips we may have cooking in the back of our brains.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start rallying a trip to Germany and Austria to take advantage of all that unlimited skiing. Nevertheless, this season will rock!

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3 Responses to “Exploring Monarch’s One Planet / One Pass”

  1. juane tobascofish

    Cool app, Chris. I always appreciate visualized data.

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  2. Augie Frost

    This is actually quite cool. I bought a Loveland season pass this year, so I get 3 days at Monarch, but I'm considering buying the Monarch pass next year.

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  3. Kent

    Sipapu is not the oldest ski area in NM. I believe that distinction goes to Sandia Peak, formed in the 1930s as La Madera.

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