Kathryn Wadsworth to run for County Commissioner

Kathryn Wadsworth announced her candidacy Friday for Chaffee County Commissioner District 2, challenging Republican incumbent Frank Holman.

Wadsworth, a Democrat, has lived in Chaffee County since 1988.
She said she has a background in community involvement including leadership roles in business, government and nonprofit organizations.

“Community participation has always been important to me – that’s how I was raised. My parents understood and promoted giving back to the community,” Wadsworth said.
She studied law enforcement at Trinidad Junior College and graduated from Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy. And she has a bachelor of arts degree in parks and recreation administration from Central Michigan University

Wadsworth serves on the Chaffee County Planning Commission, Salida Middle School Accountability Committee, Salida Cyclones directors and Southeastern Colorado Aquatic League Board of Directors.
She works with Salida Middle School reading program and coaches local youths through Option 23 Ski and Snowboard Club which she founded.

Wadsworth has worked as a raft guide, ski instructor, river ranger in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, level 1 park manager at Mueller State Park near Woodland Park and executive director of Greater Arkansas River Nature Association.

As a business woman, Wadsworth owns and manages Incite Consulting. She has worked for clients ranging from the Governor’s Energy Office and Trout Unlimited to Boys and Girls Clubs of Chaffee County and Salida School District R-32-J.

“My public and private business experiences, along with active community participation, have taught me we have much to be proud of in Chaffee County,” Wadsworth said.
“I intend for my campaign to be a celebration of Chaffee County as well as a thoughtful dialogue about how to work together to ensure a practical, reasonable and successful future.”

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6 Responses to “Kathryn Wadsworth to run for County Commissioner”

  1. Tom Purvis

    This is great news. Kathryn deserves our support, she is the perfect person to be one of our County Commissioners. Her experience, knowledge of the community, and skills of communication will make her perfectly suited to the job.

    You go girl!

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  2. Paige Judd

    I am so excited to have a commissioner candidate I can support whole-heartedly! Thanks for running Kathryn, and thanks for all that you do for our community!

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  3. Lee Dodge

    Finally somebody that I can be happy about supporting for county commissioner. Great news, Kathryn!

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  4. Steve O'Neill

    Without a doubt I can support you. Look forward to voting in a person for the people instead of the good ole boy system.

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  5. Merrell Bergin

    Happy to support someone with real credentials. We need new thinking in the County and people with an open mind. You will add much needed balance to the Commissioners and a strong voice for responsible and intelligent strategies that are sustainable in the long run. Count me in for support.

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