Sackett Avenue Project Public Meeting

Phase II of the project will rebuild Sackett Avenue from in front of the SteamPlant to the intersection of C and Sackett and will continue up C Street to Highway 291 (First Street).

For questions and comments, please call Public Works at 539-6257.

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3 Responses to “Sackett Avenue Project Public Meeting”

  1. Don Stephens

    As seen on the Salida Mayor Facebook page......

    Tuesday night after the regular council meeting, I told a downtown business owner about the Sackett Project public meeting being held Wednesday. Amazingly, the owner basically said "gee thanks for the notice!" (add thick cynicism here), and actually said "You (meaning ME!) would have been better off not saying a word", because nobody from the city contacted him personally. The misplaced and palpable anger toward me for trying to help really left a sour taste in my mouth, although upon reflection I also experienced a pang of amusement from the irrationality. An act as simple as picking up the Mtn Mail would provide that info, as there was an item in there this week. The city website revealed a post on April 10 that was visible today without even scrolling down, and The Salida Citizen also posted the announcement. I have seen this retailer's ads on The Citizen page. I know there is enough spare time between customers to bookmark both the aforementioned websites and get a quick review in. I can get what I need from the Mtn. Mail in 5 minutes.

    So the city clearly has put the info out there, and at some point citizens and retailers have a responsibility to at least make a token effort to get information. In fairness, I have also heard from a few businesses that retailers were promised they would receive a phone call advising of the meeting and did not get that call. I will look into that and if true and the result was a diminished crowd, perhaps we can schedule another. I will defer to the adage of a promise is a promise, but Individual phone calls are an incredibly inefficient method of communication, and we can address that as well.

    But, When I put myself out there to help, and leave the conversation feeling like I did something wrong, I almost regret even speaking to that person. Almost. I will continue to reach out as best I can to make sure this kind of info gets out there. Whether I continue to speak to certain individuals will be up to their receptiveness of good intentions.

    I work full time and raise kids, and spend what spare time I have doing my best to interact with the citizenry. Yes I put myself out there by assuming the position, but respect works both ways.

    And please try to stay abreast of important issues on your own if it is important to you.

    That's all for now...

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  2. Don Stephens


    I spoke with the aforementioned biz owner and hashed it out to both of our satisfaction. I will be addressing a more effective method of communicating with city staff, prob something along the lines of an email list to those who are interested.

    The message from all this is take your destiny into your own hands!! The city will find a way to help.

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  3. Don Stephens

    I looked into this and the city did indeed inform everyone involved as Promised. The party that initiated my comments acknowledged miscommunication on his side and apologized appropriately. City staff has been responsive and punctual in their duties of late, and are deserving of kudos. They are doing good work in city hall.

    We will continue to build on the improvements in communication we have seen of late.

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