Salida’s own son Nicholas Cage to shoot Ghostrider 3 in Brown’s Canyon

The shooting schedule for Ghostrider 3 will be moved up to summer 2012 in order to precede the slated Brown’s Canyon Wilderness designation.

“I may be old skool, but helicopters, fast cars and money just doesn’t mix well with wilderness” said retired forest service employee Mike Sugaski.

“Boo!” say many locals who look past the torn flesh of melting skulls and see only green. A downtown merchant added “We’re very optimistic that angry zombies on choppers will be our ticket to financial success in 2012. We’ll sell them anything they want even if it means eternal damnation. Summer does mean money afterall.”

Sources from the Chaffee County Visitor’s Association say the economic development potential is just too hard to pass up with over 350 motorcycle riders in town to participate in the widely anticipated final scene. “Hotels will hopefully be full of folks during the height of filming on July 4th.” said one source.

The chase down State Highway 291 involving flaming zombies, sawed off shot guns and real motorcycle gangs will conclude at the corner of F street and 1st on July 3rd. This massive chase epitomizes the series and will bring to an end the final installment in the multi-million dollar Ghostrider trilogy.

Salida City Councilman Steve Stewart, and lifelong Cage fan said “it will be an honor to host the final episode of one of Cages greatest movie series. He was stunning in National Treasure, but I’ve totally loved Nick since Valley Girl.”

Ghostrider 3 – “Evil Skull Hunk Rides Again” will be in theatres in 2013, but may not appear in Salida.

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10 Responses to “Salida’s own son Nicholas Cage to shoot Ghostrider 3 in Brown’s Canyon”

  1. Irene

    How is Cage related to Salida? Is there a family tree to see all the Hollywood salidians?

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  2. Dean Gulberry

    I'm so looking forward to this! Don't forget that The Plimsouls, also of Valley Girl fame, will be playing in Zombie attire at the Boathouse following the zombie rumble.

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  3. Grace Griffin

    Really looking forward to seeing GR3! Nicolas Cage would be the perfect Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! I’m really hoping that Disney will remake it in 3-D! Also, he would make the perfect Mandrake the Magician, which Warner Bros. is thinking of making. Here are two pics of Nicolas Cage, one as Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and one as Mandrake the Magician:

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  4. Luke

    Pleas let this be a joke! Ghost rider 3? The first one was ok, the last one was better FX but was shit with story & acting. Just let it go Sony, give it back to marvel so they can fix you're shit!

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  5. M

    I like the movies just saying. Looking forward to the third.

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  6. VYSON

    Hope its good cause sprit of vengence realy sucked the 1st ghost rider was way better they should hav contined with that story and not make it all stuiped but ghost.rider did come out good but please better then the last one oh and it be cool if vengence was the villian

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  7. SinCaraIAm

    Remake it would have been better cause part 2 didnt follow to 1st and rox anna not in ? I think they should and make it better and make ghost rider way cooler and with yellow and blue flames and mak blackheart more crazyermaybe try what spawn new movie is doing mak it more like a horror movie thats all i got

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  8. Joseph Lucas,II

    I want Ghostrider 3 movie action figures and motorcycle toys for the movie.

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  9. marvel fan

    Very weak to take some one elses story to make money. give marvel back to marvel spiderman and xmen and any other marvel need to stay all together mess with DC they need help.

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