Ask not what your community can do for you…

I would like to congratulate Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center for their well publicized and open hospital board election.  The quality of the candidates is one of the positive results of such an open process. Charlie Forester and Marilyn Bouldin will be great board members largely due to the different perspectives and experiences they will bring to their duties.  The board will now get down to the work of representing all of us in the hospital district.

It is undeniable that health care is something we will all need sooner or later.  The HRRMC Board understands this and knows its job is to balance the health of the institution along with the health of its community members.  Every board from Salida’s City Council to the Chaffee County Commission needs to have a similar awareness. An important obligation of any elected official is to represent all their citizens and it is our job as voters to hold all our representatives to that standard.

Because of the electorate’s choices, the hospital board has broad experience and background.  It is now ready to represent all of us in the hospital district.  As we enter the local election season ask yourself, “Do the other elected boards have a large enough view of who they represent to make decisions for all of us?”   If you feel you are under-represented, now is the time to consider how you could help change that lack of representation.
Chuck Rose

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2 Responses to “Ask not what your community can do for you…”

  1. Eileen Rogers

    Right on Chuck. Our representatives often seem to represent only voters with similar views and then make decisions from those opinions. Salida's very important citizens working in the service industry are the silent majority of employees in our fine city. Those jobs attract tourists creating our sales tax revenue that fund 75% of our city's income. The concerns and needs of these hard working and often under-paid citizens also deserve full representation at county and city meetings.

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  2. Bill Smith

    It is sometimes difficult to get a board to be representative when it is small like the county commissioners. Three members makes it hard I think to have people across the county represented. It means each commissioner has to represent multiple constituencies. It takes an extra amount of effort to represent everyone.

    One issue that the article raises for me is the lack of effort elected officials make to listen to those they represent. I am thinking of the county commissioners and their failure to attend any of the public meetings regarding the OHV issue. I am also thinking of the current Salida City Council which has a penchant for doing things behind closed doors (See 63-20 and NRC).

    I think more effort should be made to allow people to interact with their elected officials. By the time the public meeting rolls around, it often feels like the decision has already been made even before the public has a chance to weigh in.

    BTW Here is a link to the staff report on the OHV meeting. It seems to almost 2 to 1 against.

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