Big time mountain bike racing in Salida this weekend

To volunteer call Keith Darner at 221-1251. Word is that they primarily need help on Sunday during the XC race. Hopefully, frontiersmen Keith will shed some light on the activities in the comments below.

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One Response to “Big time mountain bike racing in Salida this weekend”

  1. Bill Donavan


    Hey all ya all, that's plural. Main volunteer need is sunday, course marshals and feed station attendent! Come on out and race if you'd prefer. We have a wildcat category for folks who want to race with the fast guys and not have to buy a 60.00 annual license from USA Cycling!

    Saturday morning is the T.T. Hill Climb, Mid day Saturday is the circut race, we hope to be wrapped up before three so we can come do the Fibark Cruiser Crit!! Sunday all day starting at 7:30 am is the Cross Country race! For more details go to or call me at 221-1251!

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