MoveShake launches tonight

MoveShake launches tonight! There have been some hardworking ladies in Salida this winter/spring, preparing for tonight’s online launch of MOVESHAKE. In celebration, let’s gather at the Fritz to celebrate the project release.

See the video trailer here

The film series is produced by Red Reel and directed by Allie Bombach, in partnership with Horny Toad, Osprey Packs, and CLIF Bar. MoveShake gives an inside look into the lives of individuals dedicating themselves to creating change and the personal struggles and successes that come with their journey.

We will pull the screen down at 9 to play 1 of the 2 films (around 10 minutes) that go ‘live’ tonight. How about at 8:30 we arrive- enjoy a cocktail- watch a film on Shannon Galpin (who will be joining us tonight from Breckenridge!)- and then do a big toast!!

This gathering is, of course, open to everyone/anyone who likes to be inspired and talk about creating positive change in the world.

See you there!

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