Salida School Chef Danny writes about feeding kids

The School year opened with a new chef and community school garden.  Picky eaters everywhere are enjoying the salad bar!
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August 26, 2012

The school chimes sang and class began this week. In the digs of the school we prepared food for a guess number of young people we would serve. We got close but learned a very important lesson. We are going to feed upwards of 700 kids this year everyday. The new menus have gone over big and the kids seem to like the amped up salad bar. I see plates heaping with greens, red and orange produce and massive fruit. The consumption of freshness warms my heart. Our parents are doing something in their homes that is giving our kids a chance. I haven’t offered things like chips or crackers and the kids seem to want strawberries instead. What a great moment I had at Longfellow on Tuesday when a little boy named Aron tugged on my chefs coat and whispered “I like the salad bar.” that makes all the 3:00 am’s and hard work worth it. The salad bar is a place we can offer our kids the nutrient rich foods that make sense and really transmits the name of this blog .”Freshness the First Criterion.”

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3 Responses to “Salida School Chef Danny writes about feeding kids”

  1. Chris Walters

    Kudos to you Sir. Our community is very lucky indeed to have you in charge of feeding these children. You are a class act. Cheers.

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  2. Sheila Jackson

    Thanks, Danny! What a terrific job you are doing. We are all truly fortunate to have you on board. And what a great example for schools around the country!

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