Peach cobbler with green chilies, anyone?

The Citizen Team wants to get to know you better. We’ll ask occasional questions, covering a spectrum of topics. Some questions will be for fun, some to help us learn how to create or do something, others to get you thinking. Whatever it is, we hope to engage you.

The first question concerns local food we eat in the fall. What is a favorite harvest or comfort food that you eat or prepare this time of year? Or what is a favorite recipe?

For me, it’s hot, pressed apple cider in the evenings when it’s chilly. Growing up in the south, I feel a little anxious when the weather turns cold because winter feels long to me. A steaming mug of hot cider comforts me. Sometimes I add dark rum, too.

How about you?

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5 Responses to “Peach cobbler with green chilies, anyone?”

  1. Lynn DeCew

    I love fall foods....things that cook all day. My family has been asking for chili. I have three different recipes I love. One is elk/venison chili with no beans, my mother's mid western chili with ground beef and kidney beans, and a new favorite with chorizo, cardamon, cinnamon, coriander and cumin and served with rice.

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  2. Kym Mellsop

    Hey Lynn, when should I come by for dinner? For us, we make soup several times a week with kale and carrots from the garden and whatever is in the fridge. Right now Hayden has oxtail soup simmering which is a new one for us (they have ox tails at Ploughboy). Fresh Salida Bread Company baguette with soups is the icing on the cake. We have tons of peaches and chiles in the freezer so I'd be interested in a peach and green chile cobbler!

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  3. Robin

    Pumpkin and beef (or chicken) thai curry with sticky rice. Yum. Apple cake....oh what I would so for a slice of First Street Cafe Apple Cake!

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  4. Kerry

    I've always loved the pairing of pumpkin and sage-browned butter. A couple of years ago, I came across this recipe for pumpkin cannelloni with sage brown butter that soooooo lovely. You can pull it down from www.countryliving/recipes. Served with simple broth soup wit lots of greens it's just a beautiful dinner.

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