Readers keep writing: Vote for Wadsworth

To the editor,

As the campaign comes down to the wire, voters looking for good information should check out the website of County Commissioner candidate Kathryn Wadsworth.

I’ve been impressed by Kathryn’s personal appearances and interviews and her website, which involves everyone’s input through these newer forms of communication. Reaching out to our younger citizens, who often get engaged this way, encourages them to be a part of the democratic process.

Beyond the technology, Wadsworth’s website posts make sense to me. She listens to all sides of an issue and seeks common ground. She respects our county’s ranching heritage and emphasizes cooperation between the county and our public land management partners.

Wadsworth promises to make a terrific County Commissioner!

Michael McCoy

Works with officials on bills impacting rural Colorado

Dear Chaffee County,

If you have any question about Kathryn Wadsworth’s ability to be one of the best county commissioners we have ever had in Chaffee County, I suggest you visit her website:

To make it easy, here is some of the information to be found:

Kathryn serves on the current Chaffee County Planning and Zoning Commission, she is past director of the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association, better known as GARNA, owns and manages Incite Consulting and has worked for clients ranging from the Governor’s Energy Office and Trout Unlimited to Boys and Girls Clubs of Chaffee County and Salida School District, R-32-J.

Kathryn has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars and important community services into the county and is confident she will be able to locate and attract new resources to the county and eliminate inefficiencies.

Kathryn also understands state issues. She monitors legislation that affects Chaffee County and stresses the importance of working with state officials on bills that impact rural Colorado. She attends Legislative Days in Denver and has worked with Gail Schwartz on regional issues.

In her own words, Kathryn says, “I have extensive experience obtaining grant money and will put it to work with collaborative planning to minimize our tax burden. I will also foster sensible development and quality infrastructure while caring for our natural resources, agricultural land and values, and open spaces.”

What more could we ask for? Vote for Kathryn Wadsworth for Chaffee County Commissioner.

Louise Olsen-Marquez

Qualified candidate with ‘likeability factor’

Hi, this is Bill Murphy, and I suppose you’d call me an old-timer since I was in business here for many years.

During that time, I met many of the local officeholders and candidates . . . and even served a few years in public office myself. Through the years, I can’t recall knowing a better qualified candidate for county commissioner than Kathryn Wadsworth. Kathryn’s a perfect fit for our county. She has training and experience in areas that are so important to all of us living here: outdoor recreation, the environment, energy conservation, small business operation . . . even the arts and music. I could go on and on. And then there’s the likeability factor. She reminds me of Tom Massey and Gail Schwartz in that regard.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you like Kathryn to represent you on the county board? Then do what you can. Vote for Kathryn Wadsworth for county commissioner . . . and invite your friends and neighbors to do likewise. Thank you.

Bill Murphy
Salida, Colorado

Superb leadership skills help groups reach consensus

Dear Editor,

Why does it matter who is elected to serve as Chaffee County commissioner?

Each commissioner makes decisions for 17,932 citizens living in this county, that’s why!! Every single county resident deserves unbiased representation by someone they can trust to keep each of their needs in mind every time they vote.

And, each commissioner makes decisions that determine the spending of every dollar of the 2012 budget totaling $22,557,718.00, that’s why!!

You read that right, this year’s budget totals more than $22.5 million. Chaffee County citizens deserve representation by someone who can assure the wise and prudent use of our tax dollars.

That’s why we want new representation. Kathryn Wadsworth has demonstrated superb leadership skills, over and over again. She is the perfect person to represent each of us as our county commissioner.

Kathryn’s abilities in helping groups reach consensus and her willingness to listen to every point of view before making a decision, are critical skills that are absolutely essential for fulfilling the responsibilities of a county commissioner.

That’s why we are voting for Kathryn Wadsworth.

Larry and Eileen Bussey
Salida, Colorado

‘Turned off’ by messages of Holman, Giese a ‘team’

Dear Editor,

Vote for Kathryn Wadsworth, a person who can stand on her own two feet as an individual and will truly represent all citizens of Chaffee County. We need a diverse board of county commissioners to evaluate issues, understand facts and make decisions that serve the whole population of Chaffee County.

I am turned off by the figurative and literal messages sent by Mr. Holman and Mr. Giese in this election campaign. I attended the League of Women Voters Forum and heard too many “we” statements from these two commissioners in regard to each other, rather than their constituents.

Their advertising literally talks about keeping the “team” together. I have noticed that most of their campaign signs are posted together. If this is because they are being backed by a political party, then it still would have been nice to see how they might be able to stand alone. Regardless, this is a highly paid elected position. I want the best person for the job, with no mention of their political party.

I do not want commissioners who can’t make their own decisions. I believe in the philosophy of “agreeing to disagree and moving forward.” I wish these two commissioners would sell me on themselves as individuals, rather than on the team. Their approach and closeness do not serve our county. There is diversity within our community, and I look forward to seeing it on the county commission.

I called one of these commissioners back in February about the People’s Clinic. I am still waiting for a return call. I even spoke with personnel in administration, asking when the commissioner would get back to me. Nine months later, still no call back. For $50,000 plus a year, I expect commissioners to take and return calls from concerned constituents. The other candidate/commissioner actually had my vote, until I heard him as part of a duo at the League forum.

Chaffee County residents deserve equal and thoughtful representation, three individual commissioners working hard for all of us. Vote today for a leader who will stand strong, represent and respect all citizens in our county. Vote for Kathryn Wadsworth.

Thank you,

Robin NeJame
Salida, Colorado

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