Adamson, Stewart semifinalists for Boettcher

Salida School District is pleased to announce that Jacob Adamson and Ashlyn Stewart have been selected as two of the 200 Semifinalists for the 2013 Boettcher Foundation Scholarship. With submissions from more than 1,300 qualified seniors, this year’s applicant pool was intensely competitive, making the selection process incredibly difficult. As a result, advancing to the semifinalist round is a particularly significant achievement. They have distinguished themselves among the highly successful group of their peers through their impressive academic record, leadership achievements and dedication to service. I could see the potential in middle school. I am glad the commitment to not only better themselves but their community is being recognized by making the semifinalist stage.

They will now submit three letters of recommendation to the Semifinalist Review Committee, which includes high school counselors, college admissions representatives and Boettcher Foundation staff. The committee will review the three letters of recommendation in conjunction with the rest of their application. Jacob and Ashlyn will know if they made the finalist stage by Mon., Feb. 4.

This is one of many fine examples of the solid educational culture that exists at Salida’s public schools. I would like to thank their parents, the community and the teachers for their commitment to excellence.

Rob Tressler
Salida High School Counselor

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3 Responses to “Adamson, Stewart semifinalists for Boettcher”

  1. Rob Tressler

    Jacob and Ashlyn have made it to the final stage which will consist of the interviews. I will work with them to facilitate a mock interview to help them prepare. Jacob and Ashlyn should be proud of their commitment to their education and extra-curricular activities. Their choices over the years have created this opportunity for them, well done!
    It's also my pleasure to announce that Salida School District has had four Boettcher finalists in the last three years. Salida Proud!

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  2. Rob Tressler

    BOOYAH!!! 2-2 Dream the Impossible...Seek the Unknown....Achieve Greatness!!! Salida Schools...

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