Reader: Time for McConnell to help heal country

Dear Editor:

Shortly after the 2008 election of President Obama, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell in a stunning display of “party before country” politics, stated his number one objective was to assure President Obama was a one-term president. Our brave fighting men and women were involved in two wars and many of our warriors returning home had suffered terrible physical and emotional damage.

The nation teetered on the brink of a financial and economic crisis that could have exceeded that of the Great Depression. Millions were out of work and more were losing their jobs daily. The country’s debt was exploding. The country’s financial industry was in meltdown precipitated by its own greed and fraud. Our auto industry was looking into the black hole of bankruptcy, putting at risk hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Yet, none of these issues mattered to Sen. McConnell, who was willing to push the nation further into ruin for the sole purpose of defeating President Obama. With every policy offering of the administration that would have helped heal the ills of the country, McConnell joined with his House Republicans in attempting to defeat the initiative.

McConnell has failed in his number one objective. Isn’t it about time he turned his attention to helping heal the ills of the country instead of trying to put his party back in power? Or is that too much to ask of McConnell and his party?

Sig Jaastad
Buena Vista, CO

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One Response to “Reader: Time for McConnell to help heal country”

  1. Scott Knauer

    While all the above is completely true, the idea of asking Sen. McConnell to think about anything beyond his job security is like asking a lion to convert to cannot be done. Over the past several years I have watched this man thoughtlessly utter the most ignorant, moronic and self serving rants I have ever heard from a politician. He cares about his shortsighted views more than anything else, and the only way he could help heal this country would be to get the hell out of the way.

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