Wadsworth thanks citizens for support

Thank you!

Running for Chaffee County Commissioner allowed me opportunities to meet so many great citizens. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

I learned a great deal and will continue to use what I’ve learned in service to you and the county.

Please continue to be involved in your county government. Chaffee County is the best!

Kathryn Wadsworth

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9 Responses to “Wadsworth thanks citizens for support”

  1. Nathan Ward

    Thank you Kathryn. You did a great job and many of us were really hoping you would win and help us put some balance back where it's needed. 3 cheers for Kathryn!

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  2. Bill Donavan

    It is incomprehensible that Kathryn Wadsworth, a person running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, was beaten by a man with no apparent regard for his constituent's calls for better financial management.

    I am stunned that my fellow economic conservatives missed the boat on this one.

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  3. Wiggy

    NIce Job Kathryn! You ran a good race.

    Bill, your comments about fiscal responsibility could be transposed to the presidential election.

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    • Bill Donavan

      Touche' ...well, I'm kind of over political discussion now, but like so many people who came of age more than 20 years ago, I was raised a fiscal conservative and a social liberal (back then you could be a Republican without being a monster, even in a liberal college town). Maybe most of America is still this way deep down.

      By now, most people probably realize that neither (federal) parties numbers added up, so centrists voted their values, deciding that women's rights, alternative energy funding and immigration were important since we had gridlock anyway.

      I'd like to think there is some optimism in my apathy.

      In KW's case, there was simply no contest —unless people think Frank is simply a nice local guy. In that case, maybe (BV) did vote it's values? After all, they chose a candidate that most have to admit has a questionable record, especially if you're a fiscal conservative.

      Thanks for pointing out the correlation.

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  4. Thomas Mifflin

    No Bill, it's quite comprehensible. Perhaps we did vote our values?

    Perhaps we looked at Kathryn's business associations with Jerry Mallet, known neither for his fiscal responsibility nor his desire to obey local laws. Maybe we looked at the people bank-rolling her run for commissioner? Perhaps we recall her prostituting herself for Christo's Over The River while being the head of GARNA? Maybe we see that she bilked the county out of $170k for energy "studies" and a contractor position of dubious value?

    Maybe we realize that, although the commissioners haven't done a bang up job of fiscal responsibility, Frank is by far the most conservative commissioner. Perhaps it didn't make sense to us to replace the most conservative commissioner with someone who seems to live entirely off the taxpayer?

    Maybe we just didn't like all the letters to the editor ghost written by bitterly disgraced ex-commissioner Jerry Mallet?

    I don't know Frank very well, but my experiences with him have been overwhelmingly positive. His detractors on this site should get off their posteriors and go talk to the man instead of lobbing aspersions from their couches.

    If you want more fiscal responsibility in the county, by all means show up to the commissioner's meetings and start pushing. Of course, having read your posts on here, you'll forgive me if I find it a bit hard to believe you seriously consider yourself a fiscal conservative of any sort.

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    • Bill Donavan

      Regardless of the fact that many of you know me as an borderline libertarian, and though I know most everyone who has written the support letters— I apologize for starting a political debate at this point. -bd

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    • Marshall

      Your first paragraph sums it up quite well. At least what I heard from people I spoke with.

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  5. Paige Judd

    Kathryn, thanks for being such a dedicated citizen of our lovely community. I voted for you this year, and I'll vote for you if you run in the future. I know that participating in any political campaign takes folks away from their families for large chunks of valuable time, so I really appreciate the sacrifices you and your family have made to better Chaffee County. Thanks again.

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  6. joetischer

    Bill, On almost every angle, I share your angst. I want to thank you for what you do. It is time for a deep breath and some joy. Thanks, Namste. Jose

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