12-12-12 at Crest Academy day to remember

Photo by Karen Lundberg


Public middle school Crest Academy students in Salida had some fun with today’s date 12/12/12  at precisely 12 seconds after 12:12 p.m. during their lunch break.

The number 12, a measure of the hours of day and night, is a “spiritual, lucky number – a number of completion,” according to professional astrologer to-the-stars Aurora Tower. Double sixes also represent home, heart and family. The next time the digits line up will be 88 years, 19 days from now on Jan., 1, 2101.

But is the triple dose of 12 even luckier or more spiritual or more complete? This is unknown but Las Vegas has been an epicenter today for couples tying the knot, hoping to be lucky in marriage. It’s also a busy day around the world for pregnant women with planned Cesearean sections.

Astrologer Andrea Duykers of Conifer said: “It is a good day to give of yourself, whatever you can. There are always rewards in giving.

“Not a good day to get too carried away with ourselves. Too much fun can get you in a lot of trouble.”





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