Brothers work at filmmaking, skateboarding

Many of you have commented on my films over the years, but few of you know that my oldest son, Riley, contributes on every project. Additionally, he assists Sam Bricker at Outside TV and has received assistant videographer credits on nationally distributed shows. Riley is a junior at Salida High School and is currently researching film schools. For Riley’s action sports films, his younger brother, Shea, is often his subject.

Shea has been attracting attention at skate camps and recently skated alongside Pierre-Luc Gagnon in Pennsylvania at Woodward Skate Camp. Woodward is the world’s biggest action sports camp in the world, where every pro makes an appearance, often to train prior to high-profile events. After attending a June session, Shea was “tapped” to return and skate in August with some of the biggest names in skating.

A bigger film project with a professional budget is in the works and may take the boys around the country in 2013. The attached film represents their latest project.

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