Car in river as passenger clings to roof

On Saturday night a car with Texas license plates drove into the icy Arkansas River, leaving a passenger clinging to the roof.

Salida Police Sgt. Edward O’Brien was dispatched to investigate a traffic complaint on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. when a black 2006 Nissan Murano drove recklessly on G Street from Hwy 50. The Nissan failed to stop for the stop sign at 7th and G Streets, then pulled into the Safeway parking lot. The Nissan was then seen at the First Stop gas pumps. As O’Brien walked up to investigate, the 31-year-old male driver from Houston drove toward Sackett Street.

Next, O’Brien was alerted there was a vehicle in the Arkansas River by the Coors Boat Ramp. The vehicle was in the river with the female passenger, 32, clinging onto the roof. The driver swam away from the Nissan and was in front of the Boathouse Cantina on F Street, knocking on the windows of vehicles as they drove by.

Salida Fire Department personnel and Chaffee County EMS were dispatched to the Coors Boat ramp. Fire Dept. Capt. Dave McCann and Capt. Chris Bainbridge waded out to the passenger on the roof while the driver was located and taken into custody.

The driver and passenger were taken to the hospital for examination. The passenger was released and the driver was transported to the Chaffee County Jail. He is being held pending a felony filing by the District Attorney’s Office for charges of Felony Mischief, Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving and other traffic charges. Bond was set at $15,000.00

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4 Responses to “Car in river as passenger clings to roof”

  1. Time

    That was my best friend the passenger. It took the rescue team over 30 minutes to get her out.

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  2. Passenger

    I am the passenger and all i have to say is that Pam the owner of the motel called Circle R motel saved me by being there for me and taking me places and finding me a ride to Denver. A guy named Tristen and a girl named Becca stood me up after telling me to buy my flight and then they make up some bull shit about a snow storm and left me stranded. I am grateful for a guy named Justin Smith and his gf Jenn took me to Denver and did not stand me up and they even got pulled over and got a speeding ticket on the way. Thanks to everyone that rescued me God bless you all. I am safely back in Texas will be returning to get my stuff in March from my car.

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  3. Diaappinted Bystander

    Glad everyone is safe. Really wish I was there to see it.

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