Dig in on Little Rainbow extension work day

Our December ShinDig will be a Volunteer Trail Work Day on Sat., Dec. 8, 10 a.m., on the Little Rainbow Extension.

The Little Rainbow Extension (soon to have a real name) is technically usable all the way west, but there are some places that need work. For the December ShinDig, we will walk south from the usual tower parking lot and continue west on the LRE, working where we find flags marking places that mostly need to be widened. Meet at the County Road 110 parking area at the west trailhead of the Little Rainbow Trail at 10 a.m. (1 hour later than usual). To get there, go 2.3 miles south on CR110 from Highway 50. Drive just south from the trailhead toward the power lines to the larger parking area where Power Line Road comes in. Wear work clothes, sturdy boots and bring water and whatever else you need for three hours of trail work.

Lunch will be served afterward at Kent and Mary Ann’s house. Directions: Go east on Hwy 50 to first road on the right past mile marker 224, where the new “museum” is located. Take the left fork off the paved drive, onto the dirt road. Continue for 1.5 miles, always bearing left. It takes about 10 minutes driving from town.

Hope to see you on Saturday! Weather is predicted to be great for digging outdoors.


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