Sale benefits artists hit hard by Sandy

Witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy brings back the pain to me and many others in the New Orleans area who survived Hurricane Katrina. I can visualize and smell it all over again. And I want to do something about it. I was helped and now I want to help other artists affected by this monster storm.

I lost all my possessions in Katrina, including my whole shop of tools, art and raw materials. Fortunately, I received help almost immediately from CERF, Craft Emergency Relief Fund, With no red tape, I received a check and a grant within a week.

The time after Katrina is vivid in my mind, when I made art from materials I found traveling to other states. I visited thrift stores for raw stuff because everything indigenous to Louisiana was contaminated. But I had to create to stay sane. Located in Montpellier, Vt., CERF is on the frontlines, immediately helping artists get back into their lives and work.

I recently paid off my loans and want to pay forward the generosity, but as a full-time sculptor, it is still a struggle to make ends meet in this economy.

With a storage shed full of unsold art, I figured I could put it out there to the rest of the world as a win/win/win proposition in helping my colleagues directly with support NOW from CERF. Mention CERF with any sale in the next month, and I will kick forward 35 percent to this organization to help others as I have been helped.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jimmy Descant, Rocketman


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