What’s the return on investment for our new schools?

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8 Responses to “What’s the return on investment for our new schools?”

  1. John

    What a nice positive piece on our schools and community. Thanks!

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  2. Sue Conroe

    As a 1965 graduate of Longfellow, a 1967 graduate of Kesner Junior High and a 1971 graduate of SHS.......

    Thanks Bill Donovan. This is great!
    Sue Conroe

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  3. P.T. Wood

    Thanks Bill,
    As I watched this I was reminded of all the great things we have achieved as a community, an amazing school system, the river park, the pool, our trail system, the steam plant a vibrant downtown among so many more. It seems to me that a community that has achieved so much should be able to also design a government that we can be equally proud of. Helping Salida to shine far into the future.

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  4. Steve Stewart

    Bill - fantastic portrait of the schools and their relationship to the community!

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  5. Scott McFarland

    A great positive piece that highlights the school districts hard work and progress in the past few years. Brightens the future!

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