Unofficial election results from Tuesday

The City of Salida released unofficial election results last night. Approximately 1,800 ballots were received with 855 ballots counted, 161 voted yes and 694 voted no on the question of whether Salida should form a home-rule charter commission. Counting will continue Wednesday. <a href=””>Download the PDF</a>.

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5 Responses to “Unofficial election results from Tuesday”

  1. mcs

    That tally really surprises me . I thought the sentiment was way more in favor of the Home Rule issue . We really do need some good citizens looking over our council and keeping them and their decisions in check .

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  2. Wiggy

    Keeping an eye on public officials is the only way to insure accountability.

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    • Jay Moore

      But, unfortunately, on any topic one can get out voted on ay topic, and as a final insult, the general electorate, usually, has no collective clue or memory of how any individual on Council voted on said topic. Therefore, all are lumped together as "Council" and are condemned together for the majority decisions.

      This I know to be real and true.

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  3. JT

    You couldn't have said it any better . An uneducated voter / citizen is a bad combination . It's very easy to lump all councilmen / politicians / those in power into one category because it's just so easy to stereotype .

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