Central Colorado Humanists celebrate Darwin

The Central Colorado Humanists will present their annual DARWIN DAY CELEBRATION, on Sun., Feb. 10, at 7 p.m. at the Salida Community Center, corner of F and Third Streets in Salida.  The free event will celebrate the 204th birthday of Charles Darwin, who wrote the Origin of the Species and developed the concept of natural selection, the principle underlying modern evolutionary thought.

There will be two presentations. Silas Gonzales will speak on the “The Geologic Time Scale“ to help us understand the enormity of the time scale in the earth’s geological history, and where on that time line the continents, mountains and the living inhabitants of the earth made their entrances on the scene.

Dick and Mary Cuyler’s will present a virtual tour of their recent trip to the modern-day Galapagos Islands to see the plants, birds, and animals that Darwin studied as he developed his theory of natural selection.

The public is invited to enjoy these free presentations along with ice cream and birthday cake!

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