Public Works Looks Forward to Summer Projects

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, and that means summer projects. The Public Works Department once again has a busy schedule ahead of us, so we would like to take this time to discuss the planned projects for this summer.

I have been looking forward to spring and getting away from the frozen water pipes and meters. We will be continuing to look at ways to lessen the impact of cold water on our water supply. Some of these efforts will happen this summer. I don’t want to forget about it and have to deal with it again next winter like it never happened.

The Chisholm Park pavilion is going out for bid this week and we should start construction by late June. It will be a great upgrade to an existing park. It will be a place for family gatherings and children playing.

I want to welcome Kevin Crowley to our City workforce. He is heading up our Building and Grounds and Parks department. He is getting to know the City and is very happy and excited to be here. If you see Kevin, stop and say hello!

It will be a busy summer with quite a few projects. We are going to be doing some rebuilds in some areas. Some sidewalks will get rebuilt, especially in areas where we removed the trees that were raising the sidewalks. We are also hoping to make a few road and water improvements on First Street and the corners of “D” and “E”. It will take some time and I have to ask for patience as that is Highway 291. Traffic will have to be routed around for a while. Some roads will get an overlay and some may get chip sealed. I have not made a final determination on which ones yet.

As soon as we get the frost out of the ground I hope to make some electrical improvements in Alpine Park for the Saturday morning farmers market. We also are going to place some electric cable at Riverside for use at FIBArk.

We ordered two new sets of bleachers for Marvin Park softball field.  We hope to get them together in the next couple of weeks also.

If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Department at 539-6257.

Bob Salmi, Director of Public Works

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2 Responses to “Public Works Looks Forward to Summer Projects”

  1. Ben Rush

    What exactly IS the plan to address the problem of the freezing water pipes and meters? Ours has frozen over five times this last winter. Not fun for us or your guys that have to come out and unfreeze it every time. We have been leaving one of our sinks running with a pencil width sized stream of water 24/7, at the recommendation of Public Works, for almost two months now. And now, we are looking at $15,000 in repairs due to said sink over flowing one evening and flooding the kitchen and finished basement. I don't want to be a pain in the you-know-what, but some details as to how this problem will be addressed would be pertinent in this article. Thank you and your crew for your continued service.

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  2. Bob Salmi

    Ben, thank you for writing. The article was meant to focus on summer projects. Please believe me that I am not forgetting the winter freezing issue. I have a few steps in mind to deal with this. 1) I will be going to the council with ordinance revisions changing what is an allowable meter/ service line specification. This will allow future projects to be built to a different standard. I already have people that are looking forward to this change. 2) I also want to see how deep the frost gets in Salida and when the freezing begins and ends. More knowledge will help us deal with t he problem. 3) We need to find a way of notifying customers of a likely freeze event. 4) I want to do as was suggested by a council member see which people over the years have had the most problems and get that data and look for patterns.
    This problem has been here for awhile and it won't go away quickly. I do want to be aggressive in finding ways to mitigate the problem as cost effectively and quickly as possible. Thank you. Bob

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