School food director Danny Quinto brings his skills to the State

“Its a real honor to be chosen to speak after a few months in my position. 83% of our states school districts represent our size or smaller. They are having a  hard time making a positive change in the food they prepare. My presentation will be on recipe methods and menu building with an emphasis on moving to scratch cooking.” -from Danny’s blog

Chef Danny Quinto, Salida School Districts food service director, will be the presenter this month at the State food service directors conference in Colorado Springs.  Chef Danny has been recognized as a progressive and creative force in the advancement of healthy eating and home cooking in our district. As of the start of the September 2012 school year, he has implemented the following:

1. Salad and fruit bars have been expanded at all three district schools, with up to 8 different fruits being offered at the high school level.

2. Both a spinach and romaine salad is offered pre-dressed with either ranch or oil and vinegar to control dressing portions.

3. 7-9 different vegetables and proteins (cucumbers, sunflower seeds, hard-boiled eggs, etc.) are offered on the salad bar.

4. Hot meal options such as chicken pot pie and chili are prepared from scratch and use local ingredients when possible (e.g., beef from Scanga).

5. 51% whole grain rolls, breadsticks, hamburger and hot dog buns, pizza dough.

6. Three water-fruit infusers at the high school and two at the middle school have been implemented that infuse water with a marinade of lemons, oranges, honey and ginger – the kids love it!

Chef Danny’s blog showing all his great efforts as they evolve throughout the school year can be found at: 

Way to go Danny!


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5 Responses to “School food director Danny Quinto brings his skills to the State”

  1. Lee S.

    I can't tell you how much my kid enjoys the lunches! He loves the salad bar and says the food is awesome this year. Thank you so much Danny for your hard work and healthy lunches.

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  2. Jody Karr-Silaski

    I'm proud of the focus and energy our community puts into increasing access to healthy, locally grown foods. Chef Danny is doing some amazing work!!

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  3. Chef Danny Quinto

    The food service in our school district has evolved into something that the citizens of Salida can proudly say is theirs. The culinary staff is part of a much bigger picture that is moving forward. Be proud Salida ,we are doing this together!!!!

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