Pinto Barn Opens Local Food Production Facility

Don’t Go Nuts, a division of Pinto Barn, Inc., announces the opening of its innovative food production facility, a key component of its proprietary Field to Fingers Nut-Free Process for creating safe nut-free foods. Initial products will include five flavors of soy butter and six flavors of nutritional energy bars.

The facility, which is adjacent to Diesslin Structures, Inc. on Oak Street, was designed by local architects Bob Grether and Ron Mazzeo and custom built by John Diesslin and his team. John Deisslin/DSI owns the building and leases it to Pinto Barn.

“It is such a pleasure to work with Bob and John, not only in the construction of the building, but also in the layout and setting of equipment,” said Dave Armstrong, Pinto Barn Chief Operating Officer. “Bob was instrumental in planning and installing the production lines. John, his team, Master Electric, Alpha Plumbing, Mountain Air and the other contractors were just unbelievable in giving their expertise and support. We have such great resources in this community. We could not have completed this project in seven months without their professionalism and efficiency.”

Jane and Doug Pinto, co-founders, echo their immense gratitude as well.

Don’t Go Nuts’ trademark Field to Fingers Nut-Free Process goes beyond simply excluding nuts from product ingredient lists. Even the smallest contact with nuts can be life threatening to those with extreme allergies, so the new facility has processes, policies, equipment and physical barriers in place to ensure there is no product cross-contamination from nuts or nut dust. Security features include an ingredient receiving room, where dust is blown from arriving packages and removed from the building before parcels enter other areas.

“We realized that the only way to ensure that our nut-free foods are truly safe was to build a facility from the ground up,” said Jane Pinto, CEO and co-founder. “That way we know that it has never had a peanut or tree nut anywhere in it. We also purchased all brand-new equipment that has never touched a peanut or tree nut. We want our customers to know and trust that our food is safe.”

The company’s delicious products and commitment to the highest level of nut-free safety recently garnered Don’t Go Nuts a prestigious Nexty Award Nomination for innovation and leadership in the natural products industry. Through May 3, consumers can vote online for their favorite Nexty nominees in three categories: Food and Beverage, Supplements and Natural Living. New Hope Natural Media editors will announce three poll winners and three Editors’ Choice winners in June.

“Our community has been so supportive of our company,” Pinto said. “We’re asking people to take a moment to vote for Don’t Go Nuts at and help put Salida on the Natural Products map.”

Nut-free food production will begin later this month. Once manufacturing operations are under way, Don’t Go Nuts will immediately pursue food safety certifications, including organic, kosher and non-GMO. Additional product lines will be added in the coming months.

To create its safe nut-free foods, the company is seeking a team of individuals who will infuse love and care into everything they do and everything they make. Pinto Barn initially will hire six self-directed, flexible team members for food production operations. The goal is to add another shift or two as demand grows.

“We are thrilled to make good on our promise to offer meaningful and stable employment to our community,” said Kim Cobbs, Director of Human Development and Mastery. “We are looking to attract and build a team who embrace our mantra of “doing well by doing good.” Inquiries may be made to Kim via email at

About Don’t Go Nuts LLC

Don’t Go Nuts, a division of Pinto Barn, Inc, was created by Jane and Doug Pinto and their twin daughters Lily and Mesa. Dedicated to serving the needs of millions of children who, like Lily, have a life–threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, Don’t Go Nuts offers nut-free foods for nut-free kids and the extended world around them. Safe, healthy and delicious, Don’t Go Nuts uses only organic, non-GMO ingredients that are good for consumers and good for the planet.

About Pinto Barn Inc.

Founded in 2011, based in Salida, Colo., Pinto Barn is a collective of caring hearts who commit their energy, talents and passion to consciously creating products that help people to live healthy, whole lives. Divisions include Don’t Go Nuts and Sacred Sleep.



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  1. June Bechtold

    Lucky you!!!! You have two new employees that are top rated (in my opinion) Brad Bechtold is my son and Beth his wife. I know they will be great for the company They are so in love with Salida they will have all of us moving there Ha Great in every way So proud of them and know you will be too!!! Good luck and cant wait to taste your products----I will be coming out for a visit with them soon Anxious to see all this

    June Bechtold Danville Illinois

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