Our goal is to improve coverage of local issues, support smart decision-making, and facilitate positive communication between elected officials, City staff and concerned local citizens.

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The Citizen is based in Salida, Colorado. Our coverage takes place in the form of local staff reporting, commentary and letters.

Who are Citizen readers?

Citizen readers are informed decision makers who are involved or simply interested in the community. They may be new residents, old-timers, retirees, ranchers, kids or hippies. They tend to be open-minded, adamant about justice and interested in preserving community rather than changing local values and ignoring heritage. They recognize that The Citizen represents a new direction for the valley in terms of leadership on social and political issues and they use it as a tool for better two-way communication about local issues. Citizen readers are less tolerant of uninformed letters and party-line commentary. They understand that change is happening here —and around the globe, and they will not stand by and watch passively.

Citizen readers also live outside the valley. They may be people interested in relocating, those with second homes here, or those researching a topic in which we have archived articles.

The Citizen engages diverse readers who appreciate that our shared values are what will bind this community and help to maintain a sense of place, where we all want to live. Shared values are a slippery slope, so at the Citizen, we like to keep it short; we like kids and we don’t like locking our houses or cars. We like the mountains, the views and a clean river. We like sitting on our porches, drinking lemonade or beer. We go to church, or we don’t. We encourage slowing things down while paying attention.

Real Voices

Anyone can spout off, but we believe that real time fact-checking creates an environment akin to the town square.


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History, a personal note from Bill Donavan

I have lived in the valley for over ten years, but have been a regular visitor for much longer. My wife, Laura, spent her summers here growing up seven miles north of B.V. I had always been involved in my community on many fronts, both in Jackson Hole, and the Flathead Valley in Montana, where we’d been living. Both of those places had experienced a painful growth process.

The idea of the Citizen had been brewing in my mind for years as a solution to the combined woes of rapid growth; often by well-educated people with relatively more money than the locals. These small towns were forever-altered as growth beget growth and stressed the under-prepared elected officials and municipal employees.

In a place as beautiful as this valley, stagnation is not an option and growth management is mandatory. But this can take place in many forms. Functionally, there are systems in place for managing growth, from taxation to comprehensive infrastructure planning to books. But, even a good sustainble-based comp plan cannot take into effect the oblique ways in which must also nurture the sense of community that appeals to long-time locals and newcomers alike.

This, I believe, is where a better media source is needed. Advertising and underwriting are vital to sustain this web site and all that it represents. -bd