GARNA’s Wildness Series: Winter Range Habitat hike

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Saturday, February 17 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Elk, deer and other wildlife populations are declining on local public lands. GARNA is hosting on a hike (or possibly a snowshoe) above Deadhorse Gulch led by Salida Ranger District, USFS wildlife biologist, Stephanie Shively. Stephanie will shed light on Winter Range Habitat and human impacts on wildlife. This field trip builds on Stephanie’s Sunday Science program for the Central Colorado Humanists that was held on Sunday, February 4, but the GARNA outing is open to anyone.

Wildlife, such as mule deer and elk, are more vulnerable in the winter due to poor forage quality and quantity. Grasses and shrubs are lower in protein during winter months so animals tend to lose weight. Snow levels restricting available forage can also create problems for these species and potentially death. Seasonal trail and road closures are one way to “give wildlife a break” during the winter months. The Beasway Trail seasonal closure is one local example of this.

Program leader Stephanie Shively has worked as a district wildlife biologist for over twenty years; 5 of them at the Salida Ranger District. There will be a carpool arranged from Salida to the hike location and additional information will be provided to registered participants. Deadhorse Gulch is accessed from CR 175 (Ute Trail) at CR 181 near the Beasway Trailhead.

The cost of the program is $5 for GARNA members and $7 for non-members. Fees support coordination and promotion of GARNA programs. Registration is available at For more information, please call GARNA at 719-539-5106 or email [email protected].

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