350 Central Colorado Presenting Film "To the Ends of the Earth"

   350 Central Colorado is hosting another in its series of environmental films, To the Ends of the Earth, on Thursday, March 29 starting at 5:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 7 Poncha Blvd.
  The film deals with the rise of so-called extreme energy, its impact on our future economic growth and the environment and the people caught in the middle. The 55-minute film examines the ever-increasing cost of finding and exploiting alternative energy sources such as the tarsands bitumen in Alberta, Canada, the oil shale in areas of the west, including Colorado and is environmentally sensitive areas such as the Arctic.
 The Canadian-produced documentary outlines the trend toward costly and environmentally risky energy development while the global supplies of easily recoverable oil continue to dwindle, suggesting these approaches may be economically unfeasible as well as environmentally devastating and that we need to move to a future beyond fossil fuel-based energy.
 The film, narrated by actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson, was winner for Best International Environmental Film at the 2016 Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival, as well as being selected for airing for film festivals in Canada and Utah.
  Light refreshments will be provided and a suggested donation of $5 will be used to offset the costs of screening the film.
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