Conservation Stewards Give Back to the Community Working with the Central Colorado Conservancy

  The Central Colorado Conservancy is dedicated to its vision of protecting an additional 20,000 acres of wildlife habitat, agricultural land, open space and riparian areas in the next decade. The organization’s staff and volunteers have already helped protect more than 10,000 acres in Central Colorado
    For that, they need people who like to ‘play in the dirt’ and work outside, among other things, to get personally involved and feel the reward of having built a legacy of preservation and conservation for their home communities.
 Conservation Stewards was formed for people in the community to be able to fulfill their desire to ‘give back’ by direct action, using their personal time and effort to improve the physical landscape they love, and genuinely preserve and improve our local environment.
    Since it was founded in April of last year, more than 30 people have joined the ranks to work in the outdoors, creating underground habitat for burrowing owls, renewing wetlands with plantings, improving and preserving our open space, helping farmers and ranchers with springtime ditch-clearing and other duties, tearing out old fence line improving migration routes for wildlife, and planting trees at several locations. More fun-loving stewards are needed for projects in the near future.   Participants seem to like the rewarding feeling of accomplishment and having built something for the future. 
   “Come join the fun and meet and work with some really great people,”

one Conservation Steward commented. For more information on the Central Colorado Conservancy, visit the website or email Buffy Lenth at [email protected] or call 719-539-7700.

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