Colorado Central Conservancy Presents 'Living with Bears' May 30 in Leadville

Living with Bears Program May 30 in Leadville

Summer is just around the corner, outdoor recreation is getting in full swing and for campers, hikers, rural residents and city dwellers, it’s time to be ‘bear-aware.’
The Central Colorado Conservancy is presenting the Living with Bears Program on May 30 in Leadville.
 The lecture will be presented by Wildlife Biologist Cindy Lawrence from 7 to 8 p.m. at Periodic Brewing 115 E. 7th St, upstairs. 
  Topics to be covered will include what makes black bears susceptible to ever-emboldening interactions with people, and the role people play in incidents that can lead to situations that are often fatal to the bear and hazardous to humans.
  Cindy will present tips for dealing with bears in various situations and how to develop proper bear aware behaviors that will avoid creating problem situations throughout the year..
  Participant are welcome to purchase their own drinks and food and bring them to the free lecture. A question and answer period will follow.
 For more information, or to RSVP, contact Julie Richardson at [email protected] or 719-539-7700 if you would like to attend.
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