Dinner with Senator Kerry Donovan

For Immediate Release 6/18/2018 Contact: Jerry Mallett Join Senator Kerry Donovan for Dinner Senator Kerry Donovan will be attending a dinner in her honor on August 2, at the Boathouse Cantina. There is a major effort in the state to turn the Colorado Senate to Democratic this November. Kerry’s re-election this fall is key, and your support is critical. Kerry is on the Senate Natural Resources Committee, where the Dems are the minority. By changing the Senate to a majority of Dems, many of Kerry’s progressive bills will receive a much better consideration. Her district, SD 5 includes 7 counties in Colorado. Other issues on Kerry’s agenda include education, the economy and job creation, water, healthcare and energy.
Kerry has shown herself to be a real fighter for the causes she believes in, and for which we elected her. Now is the time to back her up in that fight. Please join us on August 2, in support of Senator Kerry Donovan.
For more information and tickets please contact Jerry Mallett at 221-3307 or [email protected]

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