Central Colorado Humanists Sunday Science Program "In Defense of Spiders" July 1 at Scout Hut

 Humanists Present Science Sunday Program
“In Defense of Spiders,” July 1 at Scout Hut

 Arachnids (especially spiders) trouble some people - those eight legs just seems to stir a fear reaction in some people.
 But Lathrop resident and spider expert Denny Radabaugh has the myth-busting, scientific, beneficial story on spiders to present.
 “In Defense of Spiders,” is being presented by the Central Colorado Humanists at the Sunday Science program on July 1.
 **_Please note that the Humanists Sunday Science program will now be held at the newly-renovated Scout Hut, 210 E. Sackett Avenue. The program will begin at 10 a.m._**
 The program is an updated version of presentations on spiders given for the Central Colorado Conservancy and the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association in the past. 
     Radabaugh will dispel some of the myths and cultural fears of spiders, where they originated and also speak to their beneficial role in the environment and to humans.
     Radabaugh states: “I will explain the odd and irrational roots of our culture’s distaste for spiders, their evolutionary origins and defining characteristics, their astonishingly influential roles in earth’s ecosystems, the roles they play in high-tech bio-engineering – and suggest how local residents can participate in citizen science by collecting these 8-legged wonders.”
 Radabaugh is a Michigan native, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Albion College and a Ph.D from Ohio State, with a focus on animal behavior. He taught a wide range of biology science courses over a 38-year careers at Ohio Wesleyan University. 
     He developed a love for the outdoors early and found spiders invaluable in research on predatory behavior and ecology.
His presentation will touch on spiders’ ubiquitous nature, species found in Chaffee County and Colorado, their evolutionary origins, their biology, their senses and spiders as predators in ecosystems.
 The program is free and will include a question and answer session to follow. Central Colorado Humanists sponsors the Sunday Science presentations on the first Sunday of each month. Admission is free while donations to defer costs are always welcome, and light refreshments will be provided.
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