Things That Go Bump in the Night

**Salida Walking Tours now offers a nightly Darkside of Salida Tour. 5-star rated on TripAdvisor. **

**Salida has a tarnished history. Be guided through the dark, murderous, haunted streets of the past with our knowledgeable guides on this nighttime-only tour. **

Ghosts walk these streets & haunt our buildings. You'll hear their troubled stories & see where they wander to this day. Murders were a common occurrence in 1880’s Salida. Listen to bloody tales & uncover grisly details. Plus, you'll visit the infamous red light district & visit exact locations of murders, lynchings, & restless spirits.

Included in the tour:

The grisly, true story of Salida's only serial killer

A visit to the site where 6 women & children died

The location of active ghost hauntings

Walking the site of a gruesome lynching

Bloody tales of local murders

The tale of a miner who was literally frightened to death--by spirits

Why a man decided to sleep on the train tracks, & paid for it dearly

A chilling, real ghost train story

True stories of Salida's colorful history, including brothels, saloons, & opium dens

2737 x 2714 - 4M
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