Humanists Sponsor Salida Walking Tour Downtown July 21

Central Colorado Humanists will partner with Salida Walking Tours on July 21 for a fundraiser and explore the Salida downtown; it’s hidden architecture and colorful, sometimes unknown history - from its colorful characters, ghosts, gunfights, lynchings and two devastating fires.
 The 75-minute tour of the state’s largest National Historic District begins at 10 a.m. on July 21. Cost is $20 per person and all proceeds will go toward the mission of Central Colorado Humanists. The small-group walking tour will include: - Salida’s in-plain-sight joke that most local are unaware of. - The saga of Baxter Stingley, Salida’s most famous Marshall. - Relive a horrific shootout that made newspapers around the nation. - View buildings still reportedly roamed by ghosts. - Facts about the ‘Red Light District’ and the madams who ran the show. - Learn the grisly story of an ugly 1891 mob lynching. - Visit the site of the devastating fire of 1888. Space is limited. To register for the walking tour visit: or call 719-497-9444.

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