GENUINE ENCOUNTERS: a spring 2023 art & culture series presented by the Museum of Authenticity, Sali

travelogue: greece

20 april 2023 thursday, 1 pm and 6 pm

Museum of Authenticity Annex

119-B East 1st Street, Salida CO 81201

$10 cash or check; reservation optional but appreciated

Museum founder, Thordis Niela Simonsen, has been an independent specialty small-group travel guide in Greece since 1995. In a program for armchair travelers and travelers to Greece alike, Thordis' anecdotal slide presentation will bring to life the Greece she knows and loves.

Thordis Simonsen’s presentation was captivating, her slides were breathtaking, and her journey is inspiring.   —Eve Jaffe, Travel Books & Language Center, Washington, DC

When the power went out the night of her presentation, Thordis Simonsen gave a “slide-less” slideshow with aplomb. —Greg Ohlsen, Travel Bug, Santa Fe, New Mexico

additional information—

inquiries & reservations—303.585.1783 and/or [email protected]

museum access—the Museum of Authenticity (124 East 2nd Street) and Annex (119-B E 1st Street) are open year-round most days and times by reservation or by chance. Please dial 303.585.1783 for admission; the ring serves as doorbell. Museum only, $10 cash or check, kids free.

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