City Council to Consider Requests from the SBA in Association with GOTR Stopover

On June 16, the City Council will consider approving several requests from the Salida Business Alliance (SBA) to prepare for and execute downtown activities during the Gentlemen of the Road (GOTR) Stopover in August.

The Salida Business Alliance has been actively engaged in preparations for the upcoming GOTR Salida Stopover in August. The article highlights a number of their requests and recommendations some of which require approval from the City Council.

  1. Street closure. SBA has requested that they be allowed to close F Street from 1st to 3rd during the event. This would allow for pedestrians to enjoy activities on the street and for merchants to spill out and display their wares.

  2. Shuttle route. The SBA, city staff and Madison House Presents all agree that the shuttle carrying festival goers from Vandaveer Ranch to downtown should drop off and pick up at 3rd and F Streets. This will force festival goers to walk through much of downtown and hopefully generate more sales for businesses in downtown.

  3. Chalk art. The SBA is requesting that chalk art be allowed on streets and sidewalks during the street closures. They may coordinate these efforts with Salida Recreation, Boys & Girls Club or local artists.

  4. Signage. The SBA is requesting permission to hang a 10’ x 20’ temporary sign on the 2nd Street side of the Salida Five & Dime (See attached rendering). This type of sign is outside of what the sign code contemplates as it would be advertising an event rather than a specific business. They would like permission to hang this sign as soon as possible to help build excitement over the summer and possibly attract visitors to come back for the festival in August. The SBA would also like permission to install yard signs along Hwy 50 and possibly along the pedestrian route. For the most part, they think these signs would be on private property, but they would like permission to place them along rights of way or on municipal property if they determine those locations to be more appropriate. These signs would only be placed immediately preceding and during the festival.


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  • Maybe the SBA and City can actually employ artists to decorate the route and the town. In the beginning, Madison said they would employ local artists for signage, now we learn all signage has been handed to one company for all 4 stops (not local). Art booths are $850 at the event as well. They said they would employ builders for the event as well, where's the applications? Or the application of local talent to the plans, advocation, or implementation? Other than telling us to pay or volunteer.

  • This is NOT just to stir it all up, but to check on aspects of arts, and all creatives, advocacy by our local reps. What I heard this week was that food vendors had to pay a booth fee, PLUS 38% of sales to Madison House! Does this apply to beer/wine vendors as well? I am still waiting to hear about local performers onstage, and about the costs and locations of art booths downtown.

    June 10 Hi Beatrice, did you ever find out where the downtown art booths would be, or if they are even doing that? I saw in the paper asking for volunteers and painters for banners, but are there ANY opportunities for artists to be employed by Madison House or by you and the city? Thanks, Jimmy

    From Beatrice Price Hi Jimmy, I got an email today from the vendor guy and he said that everyone should be notified by the 22nd. I have not seen the layout yet so I can't answer that question. I do think there will be booths downtown though.

    Yesterday I was informed that entertainers should be contacted 'soon' about their potential performances. They had their first stopover this past weekend and their next one is next weekend so they have a lot going on. I know people would like to know more now.

    The banner decorating is to promote the festival downtown during summer. Madison House is providing the banner material and paint. There will be opportunities to win two tickets at each event. I was hoping that gallery owners would participate as the banners will be displayed throughout the summer and I think it's an opportunity to further their presence on the streets of downtown. I plan to give the banners to the artists after the season is over and I'm going to try and get band members to sign them but I can't guarantee that.

    Madison House has their design team working on collecting local art for the stage. I have offered my assistance and they indicated that they were fine on their own. There is no money in the City's operating budget to provide to staff anyone for this event. My hours worked will be reimbursed by Madison House and I have a limit as to how many hours I can work.

    Madison House is spending A LOT of money in our community. I would love it if it were spread out more evenly but that's not realistic as a majority of their needs have to do with site work for the land. However, they are bringing 15,000+ additional people to spend money in our community. I'm certain you will sell your work and hope that you are going to be represented in many ways throughout the festival and downtown.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. It's already a very busy summer but let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Beatrice -

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