Alisa Pappenfort for City Council Ward 3

Announcing Alisa Pappenfort

Paving the Way to Common Sense Government

Salida, CO “Today I am announcing my candidacy for City Council because I can best serve the hard-working people of Salida’s Ward 3.”

“I believe in common sense and practical solutions to everyday problems. My neighbors and I deserve good streets with modern water and sewer underneath. Ward 3 folks want their potholes filled to allow safe driving around their kids AND keep from having their cars and trucks torn up.

My neighbors want Council to get along and get to work. We say Council has to function efficiently and spend our tax dollars wisely. Just like we do at home, Salida must get the longest life out of our streets, sidewalks, buildings, playgrounds and equipment. I want a friendly community atmosphere and will work to make it happen.

Our citizens are sending strong messages to the City: “Just provide the basic services we need: like quality streets and alleys, well-maintained sidewalks and clean water at prices we can afford. Say ‘no’ to bogus street light charges and find real solutions to budget gaps. Start working for US and not the other way around.”

Ward 3 people need affordable housing. We work hard and want homes we can afford on OUR wages. A “living wage” in Salida would not only help us raise our families here but also benefit all of Salida so we can buy more locally. Yes, we can learn how to fix our issues with advice from outside ‘experts’, but we know a thing or two as well! When we listen to everyone’s voices, we get the best possible solutions.

For over 35 years, I have remained passionate about Salida. I’ve lived here, worked here and raised my children here. Salida is my home. I’ve done my homework, studying government finance with classes in budgeting and government accounting. I have been a trusted leader throughout my career. I’m ready to represent Ward 3 - MY community.” more

Please come to an old-fashioned neighborhood ice cream meet and greet with live music by Mo’Champipple on August 26th. It’s after work, from 5 to 7 at Chisholm Park - 324 Hunt Street.

Donations power our drive on the Road to Common Sense Government. Make out a check, in any amount to: “Committee to Elect Alisa Pappenfort for City Council” and mail to 944 E. Rainbow Blvd Suite 147, Salida CO.

Tell me about your top priorities. Email me: [email protected] Please put Ward 3 in the subject line - I will listen AND respond.”

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  • Do you think murals come under the signage code with all it's restrictions and $750 application fee?

    David Larcom

  • David is, of course, based on his prior comments, one of the myriad with an extremely narrow focus. He is not interested in anything outside of his narrow focus, again based on prior postings. Signage, as advertising, and building murals, as a subset of public art, are in different categories. There are many complex rules in the historic district.


  • Kick-Off Party - Alisa Pappenfort for Ward 3 City Council Wednesday, August 26, 5 - 7 pm, Chisholm Park Free ice Cream..... Music by the famous MoChampipple Band To Team Alisa....Elizabeth

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