UPDATE - Gentlemen of the Road Salida Stopover

We are closer than ever to the Salida Stopover and things are starting to come together nicely. Many local businesses are gearing up for the window decorating contest and they all look great! In case many of you haven’t noticed, there are now wings on Tenderfoot Mountain thanks to Madison House Presents (MHP) who contributed funds to the “Christmas Mountain USA” organization and the volunteers who worked diligently to make the wings appear. For those that are still interested in volunteering but have not signed up yet, there will be a volunteer information and registration meeting on Monday, August 17th from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the SteamPlant Theater. This meeting will provide details of the volunteer opportunities still available for the Gentlemen of the Road Salida Stopover. Josh Albrecht from MHP will be there to answer questions about the work exchange program as well as register volunteer workers for available shifts. The Mountain Mail has published a Festival Guide and is available at The Mountain Mail as well as many businesses downtown. Pick one up to see the complete schedule of events and information about the performers both downtown and at the Vandaveer Ranch location. The streets that will be closed downtown from Thursday – Saturday include F Street from the Arkansas River to 1st Street and G Street to E Street on Sackett. Because 1st Street is a state highway, that street must remain open. This area will be referred to as the Entertainment District/Common Consumption Area. Here, ticket purchasers from the festival will be able to access the area at no charge and will also be able to purchase a drink at one establishment within the gated area and walk into Riverside Park and watch the music at the band shell or walk around with your beverage. People who do not have tickets to the festival will need to pay $5 to enter this area. This $5 will allow people to enjoy the same benefits of enjoying the entertainment at the band shell as well as purchase beverages and walk around the gated area. However, if someone purchases a beverage (for example) at Benson Tavern, they can walk around with the beverage but may not enter any other establishment with the beverage. They cannot take that beverage into (for example) Eye Candy because Eye Candy does not have the appropriate liquor license. Beverages must be consumed before entering another establishment within this Entertainment District. Restaurants and bars that are a part of this Common Consumption Area include River’s Edge, SteamPlant Event Center, Boathouse Cantina, Ferraro’s, The Fritz, Victoria Tavern, Benson’s Tavern and Currents Restaurant. F Street from 1st to 3rd Street will also be closed for the Salida Business Alliance Salida Street Fair. The SBA will have both informational and interactive booths set-up in the street and showcasing local music, art and businesses. From F Street to E Street on 3rd Street will also be closed to through traffic for the shuttle drop off and pick up location. This shuttle service is provided free to all ticket holders. The campgrounds at Vandaveer Ranch open at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19th and will provide handicap access for residents and ticket holders. No motorized vehicles other than MHP personnel will be allowed to drive around the venue as this could be dangerous for pedestrians. If you have property on County Roads 104, 105 or 107, you will need to e-mail [email protected] and leave a message with the following information: your name, your address and number of car passes you will need for vehicles entering the property from Thursday, August 20 – Saturday, August 21st. On Sunday morning, August 23rd, there will be a mass exodus out of County Road 107 as although that road will not be accessible for ticket holders during the festival, MHP is going to have campers exit off of Country Road 107 as well as County Road 104 Sunday morning. Salida has so much to offer all of the visitors that will be here next weekend and I’ve been amazed with the outpouring of people who are truly excited to showcase our community and what we have to offer everyone. There is a good reason why MHP selected Salida as a once in a lifetime place for their Stopover city and we are blessed to have been chosen. May everyone enjoy this opportunity and welcome our 17,000 visitors! Let’s not forget what a Gentlemen of the Road Stopover is, expressed by Mumford & Sons and The Gentlemen of the Road crew: “A Stopover is a celebration of a real place, with real people. It’s a bridge between the culture of a music festival and actual culture as lived by real-life people. We bring the music, the stage, the flags and the fans; everything else belongs to the town. Their energy and enthusiasm, their civic pride…their favorite local beer. We’ve found it to be a beautiful thing – maybe the most beautiful thing that we do. Since 2012 we have ‘Stopped-over’ in tiny rural towns (Dungog, Australia), small cities (Portland, Maine), places rich with history (Bristol, Virginia) or ancient tradition (Lewes, UK), and tiny gems just waiting to be discovered (Dixon, Illinois). We had 8,000 campers on a levee on the banks of the Great Miami River (Troy, Ohio), and even more on one of Canada’s oldest fairgrounds (Simcoe, Ontario). We’ve played by the edge of the north Atlantic (Galway, Ireland), and on an endless expanse of dusty red clay in the heart of America (Guthrie, Oklahoma). Each town imprints its own experience onto the Stopover, and each Stopover is unique. Our journey as Gentlemen of the road will take us back across America, to Scotland, and beyond. We have more camping, bigger acts, and bigger plans than ever before. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to introduce you to our latest group of amazing towns. We’d of course love to see you at all of our shows, but if you can see just one, and you can make it…to Walla Walla, or Salida, or Aviemore, or Waverly, or Seaside heights…we promise you’ll get more back than you can possibly imagine. These are the Stopover rules: Arrive early, stay late. Don’t miss out on camping. Hear as many bands as you can. Take the party from the stage to the town. Eat the local food, drink the local drink. Say a friendly hello to new faces. Have as much fun as humanly possible.” Let’s have some fun Salida! If you have any questions about the festival, please don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected]

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