Stopover upon us

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Op-Ed: Bill Donavan

Hello all! We've been very surprised how few of you have posted anything about this weekend's party. Through rigorous polling (bars and coffee shops), we have again discovered the obvious; There appears to be two distinct responses from people when asked about their feelings on the weekend. STAYERS and LEAVERS (insert loving and hating). At the risk of stating the obvious, this here "Stopover" is remarkably divisive.

But, there is a third group of locals, and they are generally against the Vandaveer aspect, and unsupportive of the city's involvement, but they're looking forward to the fun. They can't imagine leaving and missing the general craziness, the party and the amazing music (psychedelic trip hop hippy jam band? Big horns? Blues? January will be here soon enough...sign us up!).

This latter group represents a wide variety of Salida folk, and although both headlining bands are reputed to be two of the most fun festival acts in the world, we here at The Citizen tend to fall into the group that says, "what the hell? It's happening, and it's happening right here."

So, the train is leaving the station, and there will be many super nice people to meet. Mardi Gras rules in full force, all ages welcome, and Salida gets to pretend it's a college town (the silly part) for a few days. Why not put on a wig, a weird hat and check it out?

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