Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort becomes premier sponsor of CCU

SALIDA, BUENA VISTA (September 6, 2015) – Chaffee County United (CCU) Soccer received a big boost from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort with an increased sponsorship of $10,000 for the 2015 – 2016 soccer season. “Mt Princeton Resort has purchased jerseys for the competitive soccer teams in the past, this sponsorship takes their support to a whole new level,” announced CCU Administrator Robin NeJame. “We will be able to purchase jerseys for all CCU teams, plus Mount Princeton is providing four shade tents that will be used to protect players and coaches from the sun and heat during games. We have never been able to provide that before.”

Tom Warren, General Manager of Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort said, “We are pleased to increase our support and dedication to the CCU soccer community.  We want to provide power to an already excellent community program.”

CCU Board member Jeff Keidel added, "Both Chaffee County United and Mt. Princeton Resort have had such a strong long-term presence in our valley, that this opportunity to join together really exemplifies the commitment to the youth in our community. Kids' lives...not just their soccer lives...will be better because of the support of Mt. Princeton Resort. This goes beyond soccer; this is about supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles for the kids in our community."

CCU Soccer was founded in 2000 with the intent of providing competitive opportunities for male and female soccer players in Chaffee County, and surrounding areas. In 2013 CCU, merged with Salida Youth Soccer Association to bring recreational and competitive soccer in the region, under one organization. “This is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization,” explained NeJame. “Our goal is to promote and foster the development of soccer in a safe and enjoyable environment. We currently support 170 year-round players from age 5 to 18 and we see our numbers growing. Our competitive teams travel to the Front Range and Western Slope for games and tournaments. The organization relies on adult and parent volunteers to make it all happen. The sponsorship from Mt. Princeton and other local businesses ensure our kids have this opportunity.” Other CCU sponsors include High Country Bank, First Colorado Land Office, First Street Family Health, Fish Builders, Altamont Landscaping, The Boathouse, Heart of the Rockies Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center, and Integrate.

“CCU has been supporting and building Recreational and Competitive soccer programs for over 10 years. With MPHSR as a foundational partner, CCU is able to take the Club program to the next level. Providing the coaching, playing experience and learning for even more children interested in developing individual and team building skills through the game of soccer. Thanks to MPHS and our other valued sponsors CCU will have the funding and volunteer support to continue building on its already excellent soccer programs,” said David Armstrong, CCU Board Member.

“With a growing program, we continue to look for other partners, throughout the county, who want to support the goals of CCU soccer,” NeJame said. She can be reached at 221-4726.

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