I plead with this community to vote “yes” on 3A! I served on the local school board for over five years. Not just during this tenure, but also in the 18 years that I have lived in this community I have seen wonderful volunteers support our schools. For that, I am grateful.

What has challenged our schools for years and years, is how districting has been set up in our region. There have been times when we have had many passionate individuals willing to serve on the school board, but they have lived in the same district as one another. At the same time, we have had districts become vacant, like in our upcoming election (District 6), and no one has stepped up to run for a seat.

With this proposed redistricting, we will still have the same number of representatives, however, there will be five board members representing five specific regions within the district, and there wi! ll be two at-large members who can come from anywhere within the school district. What I find fair and thoughtful about this redistricting, is that there are ONLY two at-large seats at any given time. This ensures fair representation.

Please community, consider a “yes” on 3A. This has not been publicized enough, but it is of utmost importance so we have representatives that WANT to serve, rather than having individuals who get appointed that are at times are doing it, because no one else will. That is not the right reason to serve your community, so please consider this well thought out plan that our school district is proposing.

With appreciation,

Robin NeJame

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