LWV Debate Disappointment

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I was shocked to read in the MM that both Gleason of Ward 2 and Bowers of Ward 3 have chosen not to participate in the League of Women Voters debate. I always look forward to hearing the candidate’s platforms and answers to the many questions our community has regarding Ward 2 and Ward 3 as well as the city as a whole. Their claim of "bias" on part of the LWV is ridiculous.

The LWV has a trusted reputation for maintaining a strict, nonpartisan nor bias stance on both candidates and political affiliation. They have provided fair, safe forums for Salidans to actively engage in our democratic process for 12 years. At the LWV debates I’ve attended, questions have been taken straight from the citizens then screened for relevance and to eliminate attacks and duplicate questions. Citizens fervently pen questions in their own hand. Perhaps their real concern is that we, the participants, your current and future constituents, are biased and therefore not worth representing?

Bowers and Gleason make claims of being for transparency and accountability, yet this action demonstrates otherwise. We, all the citizens of Salida, deserve the opportunity to learn about where the candidates stand on the issues so we can make an educated and thoughtful decision when we vote. It’s quite simple. I know that Gleason and Bowers’ choice to not attend will certainly affect my decision when voting. I want a Salida city council that is willing to communicate with one another and with us, the citizens, who are affected by decisions made in the council chambers.


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  • Maybe Salida Citizen or the Mountain Mail will organize a debate.

  • I think I read, that the MM, was hosting a debate. If an editor continues to "come out" for/against candidates, or for/against issues, I would hope that they would step aside, and let impartial organizations handle these kind of things, like the League.

  • Ran- The issue you've pointed out with the Mountain Mail is the same issue that is faced by the Local League of Women Voters. Both organizations have members who in some way or another have supported candidates and/or issues in our community. It seems part of living in a small town is understanding that you won't always hold the same opinions as your neighbors, but they're still your neighbors. How people react to that dynamic is just that...a reaction.

  • My point exactly. So maybe ALL candidates should be involved in ALL debates. I know...everyone has a right to decline, but the most honorable thing a candidate could do, is GO FOR IT! But I would hope that the newspaper would not take a personal stand, if they are going to host..just to keep things fair game.

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